SeaWord NLP v2 Overview

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how the SeaWord APIs can be used to extract information from text. In this tutorial we will walk-through the use of the unified NLP API to generate the following insights from a meeting transcript:
  • Summarization of individual utterances and entire meetings

  • Salient topic

  • Action items

  • Emotion and sentiment

These APIs are protected by an access token. Please send an email to to get yours!
For these endpoints, please use access_token={token} either in the request webhook or the request header.

Unified NLP API

We have unified all of our meeting analytic services into a single API. With one query you can get the following insights:

  • Action items

  • Salient topics

  • Summary

  • Emotion / Sentiment

NLP API Tutorial —>

Cross Lingual NER API

The Cross Lingual NER API uses one model to extract 30+ common entities from over 100 languages.

Nothing changed - see v1 docs.

Cross Lingual NER Tutorial —>

Machine Reading API

The Machine Reading API performs extractive machine reading to answer questions given a context text.

Nothing changed - see v1 docs.

Machine Reading Tutorial —>